Android is the most loved mobile operating system in the world winning over millions of people with its easiness to use, customizable and delivers the best interface. The invention of android operating system created a great impact on people. More and more Smartphone users came up and internet became cheaply accessible for them.

The improved user interface and cheaper touch screen option attracted users to it. The popularity of touch screen increased with the arrival of android. With several versions of it, android tries to bring out eccentric user experiences for its users. With billions of applications, android keep on introducing newer technology and customizations to its mobile operating system users. Google gave the source code of android under open source license.

Multitasking became an addictive feature of all android smart phones. Notifications and other updates could easily be fetched. It also tasted its success with an app store containing billions of android applications. The brand name of Google also helped its growth. Widgets and other add on features attracted thousands of users to it. Faster internet and features like YouTube and other web destinations of people got converted into mobile.

Eden Softwares have been developing applications to run on this most versatile operating system for years.

We offer timely updating of the application to its latest operating system version as android creates newer versions with improved techniques. Our android applications are designed with international standards and techniques that it will gain the attention of audiences from all over the world. You can definitely approach us for your android application.

We also develop android applications for customer's personal use and customize it fully for them. We help organizations and other companies as well as individuals by developing interactive and stylish android applications fulfilling their needs and requirements. Eden Softwares also undertake game developments in android. Android applications for companies are carried out with professional touch and experience.

We use the best debugger to deal with all the possible errors that could occur. Our dedication for you prompts us to create the best end result for you. While creating an android application for the customer, we listen to every suggestion and ideas he has and we make sure that the application is fully satisfactory for the client. At Eden Softwares, we use different tools to develop applications. Whatever the customer wants in it, we convert in to a portable android application. We have a lot of potential people who devote themselves to android development. Contact us today to get your long desired android application. We promote it and maintain it for you. The application with its highly rich user interface and performance will make people succumb to it. You will definitely have your clients using it once introduced to them.

Do not let any chance for your business to grow leave your hands. Come to us with interactive ideas, we will develop it for you and help you earn money as world's largest population uses android. Tell us if you want to launch an app for software already running in desktop, we will convert it for you.

Join us! Our apps are simply the best in industry.

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  • "have recommended Edensoftwares to my friends and colleagues. I had no personal discussions or face to face interactions with them. Still, they designed my shopping cart with great ease. The website definitely brings out that impression on its visitors. Though I had some suggestions during the development stage, they were calm and ready to help me out with all my opinions. Great work from the team of Eden. I must appreciate their hard work and wish them all the best."
    Rohan Dunn (Australia)

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    Elias Riadi (Houston, United States)

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    Kofi (UK)

  • "It is with great expectations that I approached Edensoftwares Kochi. I had a lot of ideas to be included in the website. They welcomed me and had detailed discussions on my requirements. To my surprise, the website was developed with such an elegance and creativity. None of my ideas were excluded, but all bundled in an interesting combination of style and coding. I must appreciate Mr. Daniel for the work. It is really excellent and I would recommend Eden Innovative InfoTech to anyone approaches me.."
    Maurad Majdoub (Poland)

  • "We congratulate Edensoftwares for their team coordination and effort. We had a few websites given to them and our websites are developed with creative touch. They also offered us different services in SEO, website maintenance and some mobile applications. We are greatly satisfied with them. We are thinking of assigning them with a few more of our works. Without hesitation we would suggest Eden to everyone for the low cost and fully professional works they offer."
    Adriano Caldas (Brazil)