As technology boomed, the capabilities and usage of mobiles increased like a speeding rocket. Mobiles phones, normally used for voice calls and text messages, are now devices that replaces computers with its magnificent power and performance. The most paced technical developments happen in the mobile world.

People replaced computers with Smartphone. Everything that was done in computers got migrated to mobile platforms. Websites and applications too got exported to mobile. It brought in powerful and performance based search engines. Internet became easily accessible. People in different places could keep in touch always. It solved all problems regarding communications. Emails, voice calls, video calls, text messages and other instant messaging service brought out added change in productivity. Ideas could be conveyed and world became portable to the size of a phone in the pocket.

Mobile technology helped people by introducing new ways of learning and understanding. It was then used as an online business tool. Friends, relatives, employees and all could keep in touch always. Anyone could collect latest happenings and access distant information. It is also greatly used for commercial purposes like shopping, net banking, movie ticket booking and so on.

Eden Softwares does not let any of its customers lose their business due to this sudden improvement in technology. We develop and create web pages to be flexible on any device formats. The website we design are so portable that it fits on any screen with any size. Applications too are developed with the intention of making it available for mobile users.

Business grows rapidly with the increased amount of Smartphone users day by day. All online businesses got transferred to mobile. Eden Softwares is keen to observe and adapt to the sudden changes in the industry. We have experienced and talented developers who create dynamic applications to work in mobile platforms. As people started using mobile phones to access internet and web pages, we at Eden Softwares, develop flexible web pages that can load faster keeping its integrity, and scroll easier, usable for both touch screen phones and phones with physical keyboard on it. Our web pages are created with easy navigation and access in mind. We have also programmed it to load faster in any phone. They are optimized and capable of loading in any Smartphone running on any mobile operating systems.

Being the most prominent web development company in India, Eden Softwares also deals with customers who want their existing web pages to be converted and optimized for mobile use. We serve them with high importance. Without making changes in the appearance of the existing web sites, we optimize your site to be portable for mobile phones of any type. We are well known in mobile technology and deal with every aspect of it carefully. We create web applications and sites with interoperability in focus. Our projects are highly flexible with mobile operating systems and browsers.

We make sure that our web sites are compatible for smaller and larger screen sizes. They are designed to be easily navigable. We also make sure that no broken pages are at display, and speed affects the page loading. Latest technologies and experience, mixed with an art of sense, is what helping us to create acclaimed websites.

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  • "have recommended Edensoftwares to my friends and colleagues. I had no personal discussions or face to face interactions with them. Still, they designed my shopping cart with great ease. The website definitely brings out that impression on its visitors. Though I had some suggestions during the development stage, they were calm and ready to help me out with all my opinions. Great work from the team of Eden. I must appreciate their hard work and wish them all the best."
    Rohan Dunn (Australia)

  • "We had a few of our websites outsourced to Eden Innovative InfoTech. They helped us to complete our works in time. Their unique style and coding experience certainly wondered us. The pages are easily navigable and load faster. We are taken aback with the professionalism they show in work. Beautiful coordination and arrangements. Mr. Shibu Daniel is doing great with the team. We would highly recommend them to anyone. They are the best web development company we have come across."
    Elias Riadi (Houston, United States)

  • "find no words to express my thanks to Eden Innovative InfoTech, the best web development company I associated with. They conceived my ideas fully. The website they created for me had all the dignity of my business held high. Their vision, understanding, professional approach and passion must be admitted. Hats off to the team!."
    Kofi (UK)

  • "It is with great expectations that I approached Edensoftwares Kochi. I had a lot of ideas to be included in the website. They welcomed me and had detailed discussions on my requirements. To my surprise, the website was developed with such an elegance and creativity. None of my ideas were excluded, but all bundled in an interesting combination of style and coding. I must appreciate Mr. Daniel for the work. It is really excellent and I would recommend Eden Innovative InfoTech to anyone approaches me.."
    Maurad Majdoub (Poland)

  • "We congratulate Edensoftwares for their team coordination and effort. We had a few websites given to them and our websites are developed with creative touch. They also offered us different services in SEO, website maintenance and some mobile applications. We are greatly satisfied with them. We are thinking of assigning them with a few more of our works. Without hesitation we would suggest Eden to everyone for the low cost and fully professional works they offer."
    Adriano Caldas (Brazil)